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About the Carriage and Driving Society of Greater Kansas City

Founded on December 3, 1980, The Carriage and Driving Society of Greater Kansas City is dedicated to preserving the heritage of carriages and driving that prevailed at the turn of the 20th century. It is the only such organization in the western part of Missouri and all of Kansas. Through a variety of activities, our members:
  • Promote our heritage of horse drawn vehicles and equipment - for pleasure, work, transportation, demonstration, collection, restoration, display and repair.
  • Promote fellowship and assist members to become better drivers.
  • Publicly promote the art of driving, through participation in parades, shows, exhibitions, contests, driving meets and country drives.
  • Recognize the cultural, social and economic history of these vehicles, animals and equipment.

You don't have to have a horse and buggy ...you don't even have to have a horse...to enjoy belonging to our group!  We have so many varied activities that we guarantee something for everyone.  And our monthly newsletter keeps us all in touch. 

During the non-driving months (too hot or too cold) we have indoor meetings - sometimes watching driving-oriented videos, sometimes touring historical sites of interest to our members. You can see for yourself, on our events calendar, what we're doing the rest of the time - presenting our vehicles to the public, providing unique driving opportunities for our driving members, even hosting major driving events like a horse show and combined driving events.

And always, we're enjoying the company of some of the nicest people you'll ever hope to meet!  Just show up at one of our events and we'll introduce you to fascinating world of carriages and carriage driving. 

CDSGKC a 501(c)(3) organization is affiliated with The American Driving Society
is a charter member of The Longview Horse Park Association
and is a Local Chapter of the Carriage Association of America.